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Communications Co-Ordinator-

This role involves keeping the PTN's social networking pages, website and accounts updated with relevant information and communicating key messages for the whole school community.  If you would like more information on this role you can email or contact the school office.

Ochil House Report May 2019

Ochil House Report, May 2019

4 x P7's continuing with their Transition on a Tuesday for 4 more weeks.  There is a final sharing session with their Parents/Carers on 18th June.

Ochil House coffee morning is Thursday 6th June, when the guest speaker is Joanne Barrie, a Community Sexual Health Educator.

Annual 'Kids' Day Out' hosted by Stirling Rotary, is being held on Wednesday 12th June at Bridgehaugh.

Thursday 20th June is trip to Royal Highland Show, fingers crossed for the weather. 24 pupils will be attending.

The Final Year Assembly will take place on Wednesday 26th June at 1.30pm.

Ochil House pupils will participate with McLauchlin Games being held on Thursday 27th June, with games and lots of fun.

And finally, Staffing news;
After many years of service in Ochil House, June Douglas an SLA is retiring. On behalf of all parents, we wish June an amazing retirement and warmest wishes in her new found freedom!
We wish Lisa, a SLA, every success, contentment and satisfaction, as she goes on to begin her Nurse training. 
Charlene, SLA, has already started her Maternity, however, we hope she enjoys this wonderful time, especially when her little bundle of joy arrives! 
Congratulations to all 3 ladies on their different and exciting life adventures!


Ochil House Report August 2018

Ochil House Report - 30/8/18

This year, there are 27 Young People within Ochil House, and have all made a positve and successful start to our new session.
Group 1 - S1, Ms McKay
Group 2 - S2+3, Mrs Wilkes
Group 3 - S4+5, Mrs Gunn
Group 4 - S6+YP who regularly access mainstream learning, Mrs Gillespie
A new Ochil House Head Boy and Girl will be appointed in due course.

Upcoming events and activites -

Many of the YP are looking forward to a visit to Blair Drummond Safari Park, on Tuesday 4th September, hosted by the Variety Club.

OH are involved in WHS annual sponsored walk around the University/School on Friday 7th September. Fingers crossed for a lovely, Autumnal day!

Senior award take place 13th September 7-9.30pm.

Play Unified will be starting soon where OH YP share a fun day Thursday lunch time session with mainstream YP volunteers.  Up until now, it has been fantastic games in the PE Hall, but we are hoping opportunities will extend to other faculties, perhaps Art/Home Economics. This will offer offer more opportunities for fantastic integration through a shared interest or area of expertise!

Rory and Liam from Stirling Youth Music Initiative are starting soon. They lead a Samba lunch Club and also 'work' with all the OH YP!

Ian from Big Noise will also be starting soon. Date to be confirmed.

Janet McLauchlin, Music Therapist from Nordoff Robbins, is timetabled within OH.

Some mainstream staff are again timetabled with various groups of OH YP. This includes staff from Languages teaching Spanish, Design and Engineering, Scottish Studies, Social Geography and Drama.  Great excitement and opportunities for all!

If any Parent/Carer/Friend would like to know more or ask any questions, I would be happy to help. Please get in touch via WHS PTN website.

Alison Gow, Ochil House Parent/PTN Rep




What?......can you dig, prune, paint, do DIY, tidy?

Why?......to develop Ochil House Garden to be an exciting, interactive learning and fun environment?

Where?...... Ochil House Garden at Wallace High School

When?...... 3-4pm, last Wednesday of the month

26th September 2018 

31st October 2018 

(future days to be confirmed)

We'd love to see you!


For further information, contact;
Alison Gow OH Parent/Rep PTN on or
Mrs Donaldson, Principal Teacher, Ochil House

OH Report March 2018

OH Report for March PTN

The 4 P7 group are continuing a positive transition time.  Their theme is Journeys. They are having the opportunity to make a personalised album of people they meet, such as the management team, kitchen staff, the janitorial team and other members of staff. They also visit and familiarise themselves with various areas of the school.  The PTN look forward to welcoming the new YP and their family and friends at upcoming events.

The mainstream S5's have begun a very popular and successful Football Fun Friday during lunchtime.  I'd like to express my thanks and appreciation to those pupils who are giving their valuable time.  Once again, sounds like a win win opportunity for enhancing fantastic relationships, keeping fit and having fun together. Along with Play Unified, we hope to continue extending fun integration opportunities across other  curricular areas, which meet the interests of all YP such as Art, Music Computing.....!

On 27th February, there was an exclusive and exciting Film premier at the Engine Shed, where Stirling Cluster 7s shared their animation on Bullying which some people with ASN suffer, to dignitaries and representatives from the Council. This went so well, following the Screening, an Oscar ceremony was held with everyone receiving a mini Oscar in categories, such as voiceover, animation, production and presenting - what a great success on such an emotive subject!  Their Film will also be presented at Scottish national level soon in Edinburgh. What valuable work being carried out by this team.

OH have a special new visitor - Daisy, the Therapet whippet. At the moment, she is coming in to visit the classes as and when she can....in high demand!! This is going very well with the children loving Daisy's visits.  Apparently, Daisy is enjoying her visits so much so, that she is bringing her Therapet friends to OH activity day next term, and hopefully on a regular basis again.  

Going on from this, 2 S5s have begun work experience at Glendrick Roost, near Aberfoyle,  an animal sanctuary for farm animals and other abandoned smaller animals. When the YP arrive on a Friday, they are given a wide variety of tasks to do, developing their animal husbandry skills and personal interest, while offering therapy while working with the animals.  Well done to those YP......I've watched The Yorkshire Vet!

Last Wednesday 14th, a group of Stirling University secondary teaching students, are observing and shadowing staff around the faculties including OH.  Mrs Donaldson tells the students to bear in mind and think about how using their skills within ASN, whether their career path takes them towards working with YP in ASN facilities, can show them very clearly, how to embrace various ways of learning and teaching across such a wide spectrum of individual needs. When in a classroom with any group of YP, a diverse range of leaning abilities, skills and techniques have to be used......how many times can you reinvent the wheel?

17th April, Zoe Thompson from Active Stirling is coming in to do some dance sessions.

4th May, the Dental Health team will come in for their termly visit.

10th May, Joanne Barrie is the speaker at the Coffee Morning. Joanne works with the Sexual Health and Relationships team.


Alison Gow Ochil House Parent Representative

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