Ochil House Report 3rd October 2017

PTN News Update by Alison Gow, Parent Representative for Ochil House
October 3rd 2017
Very busy first term as always.  Senior pupils have 2 sessions each at Greenroutes and FVC.  At College a group are doing a 6week block of a variety of subjects including Child Health, Film Production, Work Experience, working towards possible work placements. This is enhanced by some of the 6xS6's also following an Employability programme within school.

For the first time, 2 S6 pupils have elected as HeadBoy and Head Girl of Ochil House, where they are beginning to take a lead role in the department, developing their responsibility and maturity.  On behalf of WHS PTN, we would like to congratulate Jack Martin and Taylor Cairney and wish them a successful year in their significant roles.

Looking forward to this week's Open Evening for potential parents/carers of P7 pupils and S1 parent/carers.  Since the beginning of term, OH have welcomed  two new pupils who are a great asset to the department, and we welcome a new S1 girl and S5 boy.

Topic work in S1/2 is India.
In S3/4 also India and All About Me
S5/6, very full timetable College/Greengroutes but also focusing on Core Skills/ life skill and Health Nd Wellbeing.

Classes are enjoying periods with mainsteam's Spanish teacher Mrs Bell and Technical with Mrs Crawford and Mrs McAdam. They are making excellent progress towards their John Muir award making Bug Boxes and things for the garden.

Music Therapy continues with great enthusiasm and effort.  Suz and Rory are returning following the October holiday from Scottish Music Youth Initiative for 21 weeks where all classes will follow a new theme across music and arts following last years successful Carnival theme.  Big Noise are taking 2groups on a Tuesday and are having lots of fun doing a Garage App!!!

Finally, on behalf of the PTN, I would like to congratulate S3 pupil Jenna Wardrop who attended the Forth Valley Disability School Swimming Championships on Friday 29th September at the Grangemouth Complex.  Jenna won 3 gold medals and has now been selected to compete in the National Championships in Glasgow in November - a great achievement , well done Jenna!

September 2017 Newsletter

September 2017 Newsletter

Dear parents/carers,

Welcome back after the ‘summer’ holidays, it was lovely to see some new faces at the recent PTN
meeting and great to have some new volunteers for events.
We would love to build a few WhatsApp groups that we can use to contact you for extra help when
required at parent’s nights/concerts etc, so in the near future, will be asking you about any skills or
interests that we can utilise. We have a few ideas for forthcoming workshops and events that we
hope you can lend a hand with…. Watch this space!
50/50 club is going to be starting at the end of September, so if you want to join up, please
complete the attached form and return to the school office, with payment as soon as possible. You
can join (or add more chances to win) at any stage throughout the school year, but to benefit from
all 10 draws, get your forms in this next week!
Remember – if you are unable to get along to the PTN meetings but would like something to be
discussed, please get in touch and we will pop it onto the agenda if suitable.
uniform bank/swapshop has been very successful and we are planning to open it on a regular
basis so that you can send your child along or come along yourself whenever you need us. Please
send any good quality uniform into the school office marked for our attention. It will next be open
between 1.30pm – 2.30pm on Tuesday 3
October ’17.
Keep up to date with any news or info between meetings via our
Twitter and Facebook pages, we
aim to update these regularly.
Save the date! Our next event is the
family ceilidh on Friday November 17th More details to follow.
We look forward to meeting you somewhere along the school journey.

Wallace High School Parent Teacher Network

50/50 Club (Fundraising)

Wallace High PTN (Parent Teacher Network)


50/50 CLUB


September 2017 – June 2018

This is an opportunity for all parents, guardians and friends of pupils and all staff to join the 50/50 club this year. 
The 50/50 club is a great way to raise money for the school.

50% of the money given for membership goes straight into school funds. 
The remaining 50% is used for cash prizes for lucky prize winning members.

Your name gets allocated to a number, which gets put into a prize draw each month.  The membership lasts one school year from September 2017 to June 2018 inc. and costs just a one off payment of £10 per number.
The sooner you join, the more chances you have of winning!!

The amount of cash prizes and the donation to the school depend on the number of people who join the club.  For instance, 100 members would raise £1000.  £500 would go into the PTN fundraising account, while each month there would be prizes of….

1st Prize - £25          2nd Prize - £15         3rd Prize - £10

If we get more members, the prizes will be higher so feel free to copy this letter and give to your friends and family – or you can purchase more than one number for yourself!

Please complete the form (contact us by email  to requeste a form), and return, together with payment to the school office ASAP to join in the fun and to be included in all 10 draws.
(cheques made payable to Wallace High PTN)

Good Luck!

PTN June 2017 Newsletter

Hello everybody,

On Tuesday 30th May we held our first AGM as a committee.  We said a ‘Thanks and bon voyage’ to Colleen Swagar, our outgoing secretary, and welcomed Tor McKay into the team. 

Minutes: We attach minutes of the meeting for you to read through at your leisure!

Car park: A parent contacted us prior to the meeting, asking for the car park to be discussed in further detail. At busy periods of the day, it can be very unsafe for pupils and drivers, with cars double parking and not turning in the correct road markings. It was noted during the meeting that parents are still waiting at pick up (and drop off) outside the swimming pool area, making it difficult for following traffic to turn at the appropriate point.  We kindly ask that if you are dropping off and picking up during the busy times, that you either stop in one of the designated drop off lay-bys, pull into the actual car park itself into a marked bay, or alternatively, make arrangements to meet/drop in the streets locally.
It was also mentioned that several cars seem to park all day in some of the lay-bys, making them unusable for a quick drop off, this will be monitored, as will the general car parking, to see if we can find a resolution. There isn’t anything we can do to alter the layout of the carpark, so encouraging walking to school and being considerate to other users is our only option!

We have had a busy few months, and so far during this school year the PTN have….

  • Sponsored Walk: Helped as stewards at this annual event, supplying refreshments for pupils taking part.
  • PTN Constitution: Rewritten for the group, to reflect forward purpose and new structure.
  • Department Funding: Facilitated ‘wish-list’ mechanism. £450 has been allocated to various departments for resources to make the school day easier/more fun.
  • Active Kids Vouchers: Reinstated the Sainsburys voucher collection.  Home Economics staff are currently choosing from the catalogue to see what they can buy to best benefit class learning.
  • Parental Survey: Created / launched, to establish how to best serve you and your families.
  • Community: Various events scheduled to meet parents/carers who otherwise may be unable to attend meetings held in WHS after school (e.g. Internet safety).  More to follow next term.
  • Communication: Become more active on social media, to hopefully reach more parents/carers.
  • Uniform Bank: Helping recycle and also provide affordable uniform for all.  Please donate good quality uniform that can be swapped/sold for a donation.  Hand to the office for attention of the PTN. Money raised will directly benefit WHS Eco Club. Uniform will be sold in the Wallace Room – dates to be set.
  • Activities Day: Provided treats to the pupils who stayed in school during Activities Day, enhancing the cinema experience with the addition of ice cream, popcorn, chocolate and a drink.
  • Yearbook: Donated money to the school to help ensure that all school leavers receive a Yearbook.
  • Networking: Attended several Training / Workshop events at other parent councils locally, to learn more about PTN role.
  • Fundraising: Held raffles / sold refreshments at school events, helping raise funds to support WHS.

Next term we are aiming to provide refreshments for parents during ‘meet the teacher’ evenings, as, from experience, we know that a cup of tea or coffee can be very welcome when your child books appointments at either end of the evening!  We will base ourselves in the atrium to catch you on your way to and from meetings!

You are invited to take part in our 50/50 fundraiser.  50% of funds goes into fundraising for the school, the remaining 50% is distributed through monthly prizes.  You can buy as many chances to win as you like, and get your family, friends and neighbours to join too – the more people that join in the draw, the more prizes/higher prize money there will be. Join ASAP to benefit from the full 10 month draw period, starting in September. Please see the attached letter for all the info.

Have a wonderful summer break, and hopefully meet you all at some stage over the next school year!  If you would like to find out more about how you can help, or if you have any ideas for us, please get in touch.

Best wishes from us all on the PTN (Parent Teacher Network)

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